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for Aeronautic economy and safety

A teacher in aeronautics, Christian HUGUES has elaborated and tested a mock-up in a wind-tunnel for his new device, for which he holds the patent, which gives:

- A considerable reduction in the induced drag
- A net increase of lift
- An increase of fineness
- An artificial wing span increase
- A fluidity of wing tip vortices

We are fully conscious of what this announcement means and its implications for specialists.

· The EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE, having of course identified many attempts during the last decades, has therefore not identified any disturbing anteriority
· The results given by the test in the EIFFEL wind-tunnel reflect this
· It is not rare that something new, which causes a rupture, comes from an inventor working faraway from the master pilots of his discipline
· As it is often observed, the innovation appears so simple once it has been discovered…

Finally, only the results count!!!

Incompressible speeds

Minix©® Technology, 2001 Décember 27th :

After to have tested 22 différent devices in several wind tunnel campaigns, the last one was the better. A new numerical simulation test of the flows around of a plane wing with or without Minix device confirmed these tests that have been doing at the same flow conditions of a real flight (airspeed 100 m/s, Reynolds 7.5 10+6, AOA 4°). Trapézoïdal wing light aircraft "EUROPA", average chord 1164 mm, Aspect ratio 8 (AR), wing taper 0.78, Dykins profile 12%.

A confidential report of 25 pages give following results:
- An induce drag decrease of 8%,
- A lift increase of 5,5%
- An increase on the L/D of 2,4%
- An increase 9% of wing aspect ratio
- A centring of the vortex on the Minix,
- Fluidity of the vortex go out of the Minix.

- These résults could be optimized by a more detailed study (modification of all the leading edges and helicoid slot of the surface of Minix in order to reduce the parasite drag and the shape drag.

Compressible speeds

Among the wing alone and the same wing equiped of Minix©® the percentage in increase of fineness ratio is:
The fineness ratio f) being the comparedof the lift by the drag L/D this is also compared heigth/distance or the Kms that an aircraft can cover in gliding since its height engines stopped.
(exp : the aircraft « Caravelle » that had an exceptional fineness ratio of 21, engines stopped 10000 m above Marseille could land 210 Kms farther away to Bastia in Corsica)

- AOA 1° :
- AOA 1,5° :
- AOA 2° :
- AOA 2,5° :
- AOA 3,5° :


These angles of attack (AOA) are generally the angle of cruising flight. At this speed this AOA is between 2° and 3° and sometimes 3,5°/4°.

Heavier is the aircraft an bigger is the lift
+ lift = + vortex = + drag
+the vortex is strong +the danger is important

With a wing equiped of Minix to Mach 0,8 the vortex (bête noire of the safety) is always so linear and fluid then tests do at incompressible speeds.

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